January 2021

Hershey Valentine's Day Gift Baskets for Kids

Lava Cake Kisses in a Heart Shaped Bowl

This growing gift tradition is the perfect way to make Valentine’s Day meaningful and special for your kiddos, especially when candy exchanges might look a bit different this year.

How to Make Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

What’s a Valentine’s Day gift basket, you ask? Think along the lines of an Easter basket, but instead of egg-shaped candy, you fill it with heart-shaped chocolates and goodies to brighten up their indoor winter days.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and that includes the special bond you share with your kids. Whether you go all out or do just a little something, the goal is to show them how much you care with a personalized surprise. Who knows? It might just become a new Valentine’s Day tradition for your entire family!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build the perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket for your loved ones.

1. Choose the basket

You’re probably already an Easter gift eggs-pert, so take that creativity and apply it to a new holiday. You can go simple with a traditional woven basket (they won’t be expecting one in February!) or assemble your gift using a unique container. You can even swap Easter grass for artificial rose petals! Here are a couple of untraditional basket ideas to get you started:

Snow Bunny: Upgrade their winter gear for next season! Choose a hat, gloves and their favorite Hershey candy and stuff it all into a pair of new snow boots. Think of what else might be helpful when playing in the snow, like a snowball maker or hot cocoa for later.

Valentine’s Day Adventure: Skip the basket altogether and set up a sweet scavenger hunt indoors with kid-friendly clues and treats along the way. Be sure to include a treasure at the end like a heart-shaped HERSHEY’S, KIT KAT® and REESE’S Assortment Heart Box with a little something for everyone.

Valentine's Crafts

You’ve Got Mail: This special delivery doesn’t need to travel far. Re-create the traditional Valentine’s Day exchange at home by setting everyone up with a mailbox. Find a small metal mailbox or create your own using a shoebox. Let the kids get in on the fun by making their own Valentine’s Day candy crafts and goodie bags to share. Stretch the fun for a few more days as you sneak treats in their boxes when they’re not looking.

Cool Sips: Fill a reusable water bottle or HERSHEY’S Plastic Tumbler Cup with Straw with their favorite Hershey candy. Get creative with small add-ins like stickers, slap bracelets or gift cards for warmer weather activities.

2. Choose the treats

Building a memorable Valentine’s Day gift basket for kids is all about personalization... and candy and chocolate, of course! Find the perfect assortment of treats and treasures that will make your family smile. One way to make it extra special is to fill your basket with a theme in mind. Here are a few of our favorites:

Pretty in Pink: Theme her basket fit for a princess with plenty of pink gifts. Toss in a handful of REESE’S Pink Peanut Butter Hearts or KIT KAT® Raspberry + Crème Flavored Miniatures alongside a heart-shaped necklace, sticker earrings or a new doll.

Molten Magic: You love them so much you feel like you’ll explode! Make the most of your together-time indoors with an educational volcano science experiment. What goes best with volcanos? HERSHEY’S KISSES Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Candies, of course! If you’re worried about the lava cleanup, choose a less messy science kit like magnets, crystals or geodes. Whatever you choose, make it a fun learning experience for everyone!

Cuddly and Sweet: We know you can never get enough of their snuggles! Pick out the perfect stuffed animal or something unique like a HERSHEY’S Character Plush Toy and pair it with a HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate Heart. This thoughtful (yet compact) present will fit nicely on their nightstand.

3. Deliver the basket

You’ve put the perfect present together, and now it’s time to deliver. Remember, they probably won’t be expecting anything for this holiday, so anywhere you place their personalized Valentine's Day gift basket will be a pleasant surprise!

Like an Easter basket, you can put it in the family room, just outside their door or on their dresser while they’re sleeping. If you included a stuffed animal or doll, maybe you can tuck it into bed with them. You can also take things up a notch with a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt before breakfast.

More Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

Rom Com Bingo

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to end at the bottom of the basket. Spread the love around your home all month long with these festive February activities:

Don’t forget about giving something sweet to your significant other. Live it up with a luxurious treat like a HERSHEY’S POT OF GOLD Box or fill a Valentine’s Day Gift Box. Just like the kids’ baskets, the possibilities are endless. Fill a toolbox for him or a handbag for her. After the kids are in bed, snuggle up with a streaming movie and play some Rom-Com Bingo to spot the classic cliches.

What will your new Valentine’s Day tradition be? However you celebrate this year, make sure you tell your family, “I LOVE YOU!”

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